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Friday, June 30, 2006 it supposed to look like this?

Darling sister - could you just do a quick arm count on your daughter? It'd be really handy if she had four. She's got two? Oh.

*consults pattern again*

Phew - they're the fronts of the cardigan. I'll have to take a pic of it outside rather than just flinging it on my sofa at midnight and expecting it to look divine (it looks a lot nicer than on the photo honest). Hopefully I should have it finished by next weekend when Mum & Dad visit you. Tomorrow I explore the world of picking up stitches to knit on the neckband......

Me? Rude? Nooooooo.

I'm not pulling a face! It's a rose petal, honest.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Statement of Needs

I can't remember whose blog I saw it on, but the game is to google (although you could use an alternative search engine of your choice) your name and the word needs & pick the most "interesting results"

So with no futher ado I present my favourite results from googling "Cara needs"

Cara needs her hair done and her face painted to look like a leman or a high courtesan

Can't argue with that one really, "high courtesan" is not what springs to mind when I look in the mirror (especially first thing in the morning)

Cara needs lots of drama

Especially if it's something like Poirot or Midsomer Murders.

Cara needs to work on her motivation, but she definitely isn't hopeless

Erm... can't be bothered to comment on that one

Cara needs lots of luggage for a 3 day trip

Obviously they've heard about my plans for the Discworld Convention then.

Cara needs a lot of therapy to get over this dislike of men.

I wouldn't say I disliked men.... I think they're lying.

CARA needs more group spirit and participation

Are they suggesting I should go out drinking more often?

Cara needs 34 tablets of phenobarbitone a day along with potassium bromide

Well, it makes a change from the current anti-emetics.

CARA needs a secretary who's willing to work 3x a week, from 9am to 6pm

Yes! Yes, I do and for absolutely no pay whatsoever as well.

Cara needs help. Fast. Now. Don’t delay.
They've met me, haven't they?

and my absolute favourite..

Cara Needs to Go to College or Else She Will Find Herself Living Under a Bridge Playing Spoons With A Group of Forgotten Child Stars

I can chuck out the crystal ball now - if I'm not well enough to go back to college in September I now know what my future holds.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


You just need a quiet corner to yourself...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The madness continues...apparently

Having finished the bunny I moved onto my next project. Go on have a guess, what does every beginner knit? Yes, a scarf! It's still got to have tassels added (need to find a crochet hook for that apparently) but here it is in all its four foot of monochromatic beauty.

My second project is on the needles and I could tell you about it, but erm it might be a present for someone and that'd spoil the surprise so I'll have to keep you in suspense a little longer. Apparently there has been a request for a rabbit for my niece - ha! Beat you to it. A second rabbit is already in progress! (She could have had the prototype but I haven't sewn to ears on very well and some people believe rabbits to be edible apparently)

There is also another project on the needles and *shock* *gasp* *horror* I'm doing it properly and knitting a tension swatch (is that the correct terminology?) I wish I could claim that this is because I'm determined to make sure that the sizing is correct, but actually I was just dying to see how the wool knitted up.

The artificial light doesn't do really show what it's like. It's a pale pink with blue and yellow textured bits in it. (Notice the sneaky peek of wool for secret work in progress in the picture). It's Sirdar Snuggly Chatterbox DK which is apparently now discontinued hence I got it for the bargain price of 99p for a 50g ball - just hope I bought enough. It's an acrylic blend doodah which will no doubt offend the wool snobs but given that we seem to share our home with the occasional clothes moth (we won't mention how they restyled my lambswool cardigan) and that it's machine washable it seems quite a sensible choice to me. It's actually pretty nice to knit with once I'd got used to the bobbly bits and I like the way the colour patches form.

Well apparently this post has won the medal for most over use of the word "apparently" and so I'm off to find a thesaurus for my next post, although I might just knit a bit more of that swatch first...