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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


For some reason broadband is having an identity crisis and is convinced that it's dial up if its speed is anything to go by! I'm constantly having to give up on reading posts on my favourite forum as the pages are taking so long to load that it's driving me mad.

I should of course view this as an opportunity to reduce the amount of time spent playing on the internet and instead invest more time in my studies. Nope. I can't seem to make that leap. Instead I'm just coming up with reasons why the internet is so slow. As the weather has been so warm perhaps the cables have melted, the little hamsters that run on wheels to power it have developed heatstroke, or perhaps an influx of tourists have nicked all the bandwidth.

I finally finished my "Methods of Enquiry" assignment and got it handed in. That morning we had the launch of our dissertation module. Bum. It's a bit scary. I think I'm going to develop the research proposal I devised for methods of enquiry for my dissertation, which was about how prepared students are to work with clients who have hearing impairments. The good news is that I'm likely to get my first choice of research supervisor - just hope I picked the right one.

Straight after the dissertation launch we had the launch of another module for next year. Activity Design. Actually it's two modules, the first one is to plan an intervention for a specific client group and the second is to carry it out and evaluate it. We're working in groups of about 8, and the really scary part is that they let us loose on the general public with minimal supervision to carry out the intervention that we've developed. Our inital thoughts were either to do a reminiscence group with clients with dementia, or relaxation techniques in a palliative care setting. Who knows what we'll actually end up doing though!

I've also been allocated a placement (starting in July) to catch up on the one I missed. Bizarrely it's in the same secure unit as the original one, but with a different practice educator. With a bit of luck I should find out next week where my placement is for next year, as we go straight out on placement when college restarts in September.

And finally bunny pics! They went to the vet on Monday night for their myxi jabs. The vet confirmed that they are both boys as we thought - so our internet googling and printing off pictures of baby bunny bottoms was effective. They were very well behaved and didn't wee on the vet - always a worry.

Having a stressful day (not).

Actually eating out of their own individual food bowls for once.

Until Flop finished all his and thought he'd check whether Flip had had a bigger portion.


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