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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday, as I sat in an orthotics lecture, Dad discovered just how heavy my new hutch was as he helped the delivery man carry it through to the garden. Apparently it is very heavy and as you can see, is also very big.

Last night, Mum tiled the floor of the hutch for me with vinyl tiles, which should make it easier to clean out, whilst I checked the draft copy of the DSA assessment which had arrived that morning.

If NHS student grants agree to fund all the recommendations, I'm going to think it's christmas! They include a new desktop computer, which is whizzy enough to run Dragon voice recognition software, complete with a trackball instead of a mouse, an ergonomic keyboard and gel wrist rests. An ergonomic chair (costing about £500!), a foot rest, a writing slope, a book chair, a backfriend ( I've actually just ordered one myself, as having spent yesterday's lecture in agony I figured I couldn't wait). They're also recommending a digital recorder so I can tape lectures rather than taking notes, and a replacement printer/scanner as my scanner is somewhat temperamental of late, and also a hand held portable scanner. Think that's about it! Almost makes the pain worthwhile - actually it doesn't, not even close!

Anyway, after all the good stuff that happened yesterday. Today was even better. I got my bunnies! Still can't decide what to call them.


At 8:15 am, Blogger Social Work Dad said...

Dey is so cwute!

Good luck with the goodies! Hope they help you feel a bit better.


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