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Friday, May 25, 2007

They have names!

After much debate, head scratching and general pondering the bunnies have been named. If you don't approve of the names, you can blame Mum as she inspired them. I'm still struggling to tell them apart, if you can see them both it's easy, but from a distance it's almost impossible.

I had a bit of a flap yesterday evening as the darker bunny suddenly developed a droopy tip to one of his ears. I asked about it on a rabbit forum, and the concensus was that it was nothing to worry about and was likely to be a bit of mild dehydration or just floppy ear genes in there somewhere. Anyway, this inspired the names, Flip and Flop!

Flop demonstrating the ear problem (which then swapped to his other ear, and now no ears are affected!) Flop also seems to be the more relaxed bunny when being cuddled and will let you pet him for longer than Flip

Flip (the more wriggly and paler of the pair) looking incredibly cute!

Yesterday they mastered the ramp. Flip was bounding up it by the second attempt, but Flop was a little more cautious to start with, or might have just been stopping to nibble the bits of hay caught on it!

Apparently it's hard work for little bunnies doing all this exploring so they cuddled up together for a nap

Today they have got the hang of the jump in and out of the back door to the run (with a step put there to make it less scary), and seemed to enjoy spending a bit of time sunbathing, running about and eating the moss off the old birdbath plinth. No pics of them in the run yet, but I'm sure there will be soon.


At 11:12 am, Blogger Custancia said...

They are gorgeous! Ellie thinks so too.


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