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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Days

It's funny how the small things in life can make a good day. Driving along today, listening to a relaxing CD in the sunshine, with the gentle breeze showering the road in cherry blossom. Not to mention getting to cuddle very very cute fluffy baby rabbits.

Angela and I went to meet the babies today and sort out who was having who, and to see if between us all we could manage to sex them. We're quite confident that there's three boys and two girls, but no doubt time will tell! Obviously I took my camera and a spare set of batteries and replacement memory card just in case - but to tell the truth I was having too much fun cuddling them to take too many pictures, as you can see!

Angela was doing a fair bit of cuddling too...

Mummy rabbit couldn't get any peace from her babies. She's done a great job with them though, as have Julie and her family who have been looking after them and getting them used to being handled.
This little chap is just checking that they wrote his gender down correctly
If I managed to pay attention long enough, these are the two cuties that I'm adopting posing with their Mum and the food bowl!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another piccie

Well, two of these little sweeties are going to be mine, there are actually five of them but apparently baby bunnies aren't that co-operative when it comes to posing for photos. (You'd never have guessed that from the piccy would you?) I don't yet know which two I'm going to get (although Mandy's daughter is insisting they keep the darkest one) so probably not that one! Apparently they all have very distinct personalities now, one always has its head in the food bowl and another is always first out of the hutch to investigate anything going on.

This leads on to the question of naming them, I was thinking of discworldly names, like Binky (Death's white horse, and the word is also apparently used to describe the running twisting jumps that rabbits do when they're happy) or Carrot (after a member of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch) but if I end up with the two characters I mentioned before they'll probably get called Podge and Nosey!

I'm quite nervous about getting them, I worry that I won't love them as much as I did Smudge. I'm sure however that after having them for a week I'll be smitten.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Well, I finally managed to remember my password to log in to my blog and it seems to work with the dragon voice recognition software, although it does seem to have a thing about making very big spaces between paragraphs. This does mean however that I've had to steal my Mum's second computer as my computer does not have enough RAM to support the software. This is just a temporary measure as I have applied for disabled student allowance, which may pay to upgrade my computer. As I've also now got a writing slope I've also had to get a second desk as I've run out of room, so I'm now Cara two computers and Cara two desks!

Now I'm getting used to talking out loud to myself (rather than just talking to myself in my head!), I'm finding dragon quite useful and was quite impressed that it was able to spell Terry Pratchett correctly. All I have to do now is motivate myself to use it to write a load of essays with which I'm sure I will do, honest!

Today has been an expensive day, as I have ordered a hutch for my soon-to-be rabbits. I'm not admitting to how expensive it was, other than to say goodbye student loan! Hopefully my rabbits will approve of their new home as it is a 5 foot two level hutch with stairs between the levels, and a backdoor on the ground floor which leads to an attached 5 foot by 5 foot covered run. This will be placed on top of what is currently the rose bed in the back garden. Unfortunately my neck and shoulder problems mean that I may have to direct the installation of the new hutch and run, rather than do all the hard work to actually do it -so I'm thinking I'd better be very nice to Mum and Dad!

Monday, April 02, 2007


I might be getting one of these cuties!